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This pro-bono mini-project was born in April 2013, a few days after I turned 33.  This is a private site but I am definitely letting Bais use this page to promote dolphin/whale watching.  Feel free to share this site with others.

Pinoy Turismo has a simple goal: to encourage people to travel by giving them simple and easy-to-understand information.

I chose Bais as my first project because  I lived there until I was 7 years old and it's always good to trace back your steps.

I believe that:

  • travel is the best form of education. 
  • the Philippines is a beautiful country with amazing people.
  • when you travel, you have the chance to break and confirm stereotypes, and to learn so many things about yourself and the world around you.
Me travelling around the world :)

I've been blessed with the chance to see the world and every time I return to the Philippines, I re-affirm my belief that we live in an amazing country.

When you travel, stitch your flag to your bag and
carry it in your heart with pride.

My design skills are poor (UP Law did not have design courses, hehe] but I'm passionate about the potential of tourism to change the lives of many families and to help this nation grow. 

Thank you to my friend and colleague, Wanderrgirl, for always inspiring me to do something for the Philippines.

Thank you to those who endured very hot weather to help me personally gather information for this site: Johanna Burgos and Sharon Arapoc from the Bais Tourism Office.

I welcome the support of passionate people.  You can send me your pictures, links to your blog entries, and additional information that may be useful to visitors of Bais.  I'm just on a weeklong-leave. I made this site in two days.  It needs improvement (I know!). 

Feel free to contact me at



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